A room for consuming food where large dining table and a number of dining chairs exist.

Dining Room

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The Om Furniture is a world class manufacturer of fine dining set and home decor products. The brand deals in high end furnishings that not only add that extra bit of glamour and oomph to your surroundings, but also make them look classy and different. Without of the box ideas and inspirations from various parts of the country, the brand offers some of the most exclusive and innovative variety of products that can beautify any space. We bring you a stylish and classy dining set design. This product covers all your desires and needs for your lifestyle requirement. It is a total value for money branded product since it is made from high end Solid wood or plywood that is strong, durable, long lasting. Its premium quality finish and contemporary looks make it perfect for a modern era space. You can easily sit back and enjoy your hearty meals and joyful chats with your friends over this dining set.