Coffee & center table

A Coffee & center table furthermore called a cocktail counter, is a panache of sustained, low table which is designed to transpire placed during front of a daybed otherwise upholstered chairs to support beverages, magazines, books (especially fat, illustrated coffee counter books), decorative objects, and other petite items to transpire used while sitting, such so beverage coasters. During roughly situations, such so at some point in a individual, plates of food may perhaps transpire placed on the counter.


Coffee & center table are further than precisely accessories to your living extent spaces. They help demarcate the universe. Classic wooden tables with clean appearance create a traditional feel, while flute and metal designs transfer a extent a further enlightened twist. On Pottery Barn, we give rise to a total of tables to facilitate can survive vetoed, blend during, and even offer supplementary storeroom to help keep your living extent clutter open.


Our Metropolitan Rectangular Coffee counter is a austere wooden counter to facilitate plant well during petite temporary housing. Free during two finishes, you can salt away books and remotes during a basket on the underneath shelf. Made of reclaimed covert, the Bowery Coffee counter skin natural striations on the covert and two pass-through doors pro storeroom to facilitate help keep the tabletop clean.


Pro a further polished, enlightened panache, try the Tanner Rectangular Coffee counter which skin a hammered iron frame inset with tempered flute. It includes a underneath shelf pro storeroom and comes during two sizes. Our Marine Mirrored Coffee counter has antiqued mirrors inset into a hand-painted black frame. The extraordinary design stands vetoed alongside neutral furniture.